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Isom Shell Water Main Relocation and Soil Excavation

In late 2017, while performing quarterly groundwater monitoring activities in Letcher County, a local property owner notified Shield that their water tap smelled like gasoline. Upon investigation by the Hazard Regional Office, it was discovered that petroleum products had impacted a public water line. Shield was retained by ERT to perform a rapid site investigation and remedial planning. The water line was re-routed to prevent further infiltration into the water system. During remediation, approximately 3,000 tons of petroleum impacted soil was removed from an area of about 6,700 sq. ft. Once the impacted soil was removed, about 2,500 tons of clean soil was installed, capped by about 500 tons of gravel. Shield has recommended an in-situ high pressure injection or a risk-based closure plan to remediate the remaining contamination neighboring building foundations and a small creek.


Over-Excavation / Water Main Relocation

Isom, Letcher County, KY


Kentucky Emergency Response Team (ERT)


Coordination of Emergency Response Activities

Rapid Site Investigation and Remediation

Water Main Line Relocation

Site Restoration and Reporting

Value Added

Shield efficiently coordinated the activities associated with the excavation and disposal of contaminated soil in just 8 days. The project was managed carefully, closely following the budget provided by the state. While some contamination still exists outside of the excavation area due to the proximity to buildings and a creek, Shield will continue to monitor the impacted areas and provide further remedial services as necessary. All work was performed on time and under budget.


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