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Minor to Major Sources

No matter what type of source your industry is, no permitting issue is ever “minor.” The Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 have created one of the largest and fastest-growing sets of environmental regulations since RCRA was passed in 1984.

Shield offers our clients a depth of experience in air permitting, modeling, and regulatory compliance. Our engineering staff possesses both the technical expertise to deal with the ever-changing regulatory landscape and the interpersonal skills to facilitate effective interactions with regulatory agencies.


Industrial Expertise

Our staff of environmental and chemical engineers has the experience in industry to translate your manufacturing procedures into the language of air permitting and registration. We have worked closely with industries that use uncommon chemicals to develop emission factors and testing protocols to demonstrate compliance with permit limits. Our engineers also have process-specific experience in a variety of industries, including surface coating, electroplating, metal finishing, pulp and paper and rubber tires. This expertise allows us to develop compliance and recordkeeping tools that will be comprehensible to your manufacturing staff. Furthermore, we work closely with state agencies in developing the annual emissions inventory form so it will be consistent with your manufacturing process and the way you keep records.

Good Communication

It’s no secret that good communication promotes success in all areas; experience has shown that this communication can be especially important in the air permitting process, where long lead times often require applications to be prepared before the process design has been finalized. We work closely with our clients to streamline the permitting process, working with your process engineers to identify critical items both in terms of schedule and compliance. Once your permit application is submitted, we follow its progress closely through the regulatory agency to resolve questions or concerns which may arise as your permit goes through each step of the approval process.

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