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No matter what type of source your industry is, no permitting issue is ever minor. We offer our clients a depth of experience in air permitting, modeling, and regulatory compliance.

Shield is an expert in the Brownfield Redevelopment Program which removes uncertainty related to the purchase or redevelopment of aging properties that could potentially be environmentally impacted by historic use of the property.

JMP Hazard Gulf + GeoPRobe.JPG

Our in-house drilling services allow us to provide more timely investigative services without having to coordinate outside firms and enables us to provide more cost-effective, flexible services.

Shield offers a wide range of due diligence services that provide buyers, sellers, developers, insurers, and lenders with the information necessary to effectively evaluate environmental risks associated with industrial property transactions.


Allow Shield to manage your emergency response efforts. Our team is ready to jump into action in your moment of need. Our team will be there for you from the beginning of your emergency until every impact of the event has passed.

Shield offers our clients a turnkey approach to hazardous waste management. Our staff has been trained to understand the generation, storage, and disposal of various types of hazardous waste.

We offer years and depth of experience when it comes to industrial compliance. Industrial compliance activities must be completed in the most cost-effective manner while maintaining adherence to federal, state and local regulations.

We work closely with our clients to select a remedial action plan that will accomplish results. Our remedial strategy is geared toward the ongoing effort to ensure the safety of on-site workers, the public, and the surrounding environment.


Your project must be tailored to suit your needs. Our team combines their experience in waste management, process engineering, and risk assessment to perform cost-effective progressive evaluation of your site.

Shield offers our clients timely and accurate data collected by our professional staff of experts. Allow us to analyze your stormwater, wastewater, or process water for any of your compliance, regulatory, or design needs.


Over the past 16 years, our team has worked on over 3,000 UST/AST projects. We offer a broad range of UST and AST services that are essential to tank owner/operators to avoid potential liabilities.

We offer our clients comprehensive wastewater treatment design services, we also provide the construction, construction management, installation, permits, startup, and often will even oversee the plant operation.

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