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After years of depending upon subcontractors to provide drilling services, Shield entered the drilling market in 2008.  Having this capability in-house allows Shield to provide more timely investigative services without having to coordinate outside firms and enables us to provide more cost-effective, flexible services on behalf of our clientele.  Our drilling staff consists of trained professionals with scientific degrees with over 40 years of combined experience.

Geoprobe® 54LT

The 54LT is a unique probe with the capability of accessing tight locations.  The 54LT

features two-speed pull cylinder and optional telescopic cylinder. The auxiliary hydraulic ports provide power for remote equipment enabling greater ease of maneuverability.

  • 54 in. probe cylinder stroke

  • Two-speed probe cylinder cycles

  • 620" pound of torque

  • 9" of lateral movement

  • 20k pound of downward force


Geoprobe® 5410 Series

Mounted on a four wheel drive Ford carrier vehicle, this probe is a versatile and durable machine capable of accessing challenging terrain.  The 5410 is equipped with a DT21 Dual Tube Sampling system that utilizes 2.125 inch OD probe rods as an outer casing and 1.0 inch rods for the inside rod string.  A cutting shoe is installed on the leading end of the rod string and allows soil samples to be collected in disposable clear plastic liners.

  • Sufficient tooling to push 40' bgs

  • 10.5 tons of downforce and 14 tons of pull force

  • Hydraulic lateral swing for offset boring placement

  • Compatible with most Geoprobe tooling

Geoprobe® 6620 DT

The 6620 DT is one of the most versatile probes on the market and with a built-in rotary spindle it's capable of turning 8-inch augers and with a 60-inch width can access tight locations.  The 6620DT is equipped with the powerful GH62 Hammer cable of producing 17.5 tons of downforce.  Shield has also equipped this unit with a DT32 Dual Tube Sampling system to allow for cased boreholes and discreet sampling intervals.

  • 66 in. probe cylinder stroke

  • Over 20 ton pulling capacity

  • Two-speed probe cylinder cycles

  • 560" pound of torque

  • 33" of lateral foot movement

  • 15" of extension

6620 DT.jpg
GeoProbe 7822 DT.jpg

Geoprobe® 7822 DT

The 7822 DT has been the number one choice for drilling contractors since its inception.  Equipped with a GH63 Hammer and a 2-speed auger head, this unit is more than capable of turning 8-inch augers for monitoring well installations.  This unit is track mounted with a remote control, making it the most versatile rig in our fleet.  Tight spaces and rugged terrain are no match for this highly capable machine.  Mobility coupled with its numerous hydraulic mast adjustments ensure that a well or boring can be placed exactly where desired regardless of site conditions.  Shield has equipped the unit with a DT32 Dual Tube sampling system to allow for cased boreholes and discreet sampling intervals.

  • Sufficient tooling to push 50'

  • 18.25 tons of downforce

  • 24.5 tons of pull back force

  • 25" of lateral foot movement

  • 15" of extension

  • 20° of vertical oscillation

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