After years of depending upon subcontractors to provide drilling services, Shield entered the drilling market in 2008.  Having this capability in-house allows Shield to provide more timely investigative services without having to coordinate outside firms and enables us to provide more cost-effective, flexible services on behalf of our clientele.  Our drilling staff consists of trained professionals with scientific degrees with over 40 years of combined experience.

Geoprobe® 5410 Series

Mounted on a four wheel drive Ford carrier vehicle, this probe is a versatile and durable machine capable of accessing challenging terrain.  The 5410 is equipped with a DT21 Dual Tube Sampling system that utilizes 2.125 inch OD probe rods as an outer casing and 1.0 inch rods for the inside rod string.  A cutting shoe is installed on the leading end of the rod string and allows soil samples to be collected in disposable clear plastic liners.

  • Sufficient tooling to push 40' bgs

  • 10.5 tons of downforce and 14 tons of pull force

  • Hydraulic lateral swing for offset boring placement

  • Compatible with most Geoprobe tooling

Geoprobe® 6600 Series

The 6600 is one of the most powerful probes on the market and with a built-in rotary spindle it’s capable of turning 8 inch augers to install permanent monitoring wells.  The 6600 is equipped with the powerful GH60 Hammer cable of producing 17.5 tons of downforce.  Shield has also equipped this unit with a DT32 Dual Tube Sampling system to allow for cased boreholes and discreet sampling intervals. 

  • Sufficient tooling to push 40' bgs

  • 17.5 tons of downforce and 21 tons of pull force

  • Hydraulic lateral swing for offset boring placement

  • Capable of installing 2 inch and 4 inch permanent monitoring wells