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No Emergency Is Too Small

Whether a tanker truck oil spill, a large chemical release from a manufacturing plant, or a facility fire, allow Shield to manage your emergency response efforts. Our team is ready to ready to jump into action in your moment of need. Our established connections to emergency first-responders has allowed us to effectively manage emergencies in Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee. 

Once an emergency situation begins, the impact of the emergency event lasts well beyond when that event is declared a non-emergency situation. Our team will be there for you from the beginning of your emergency until every impact of the event has passed. We have the know how to effectively manage and minimize your emergency from the start and to walk with you through a return to normal operations and conditions.

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Jim Beam Fire 1.jpg
Whitehouse Auto Oil Spill.JPG
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RT Rogers WV Tanker Spill.JPG
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