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An Economic Approach


Shield offers our clients years and depth of experience when it comes to industrial compliance services. Shield personnel understand that industrial compliance activities must be completed in the most cost-effective manner possible while still maintaining adherence to federal, state and local regulations. Our compliance approach reflects our operation-based background and strategic approach to environmental compliance issues.

All industrial facilities should perform two types of compliance activities:

  1. those that are mandated by regulations and are strictly a cost to the client’s operations, and

  2. those that can reduce a facility’s waste or streamline their processes into a more efficient and competitive operation.

Shield’s compliance professionals are aware of these varied issues, and make every effort to reduce the cost of mandated compliance activities while seeking ways to improve our client’s bottom line through compliance audits, waste minimization, automation of routine compliance functions, and other site-specific methods. Shield has also been successful in developing environmental management programs for our clients that provide a structure around which all of the compliance functions can be centered. These programs add value to our clients by ensuring compliance with regulations in a timely fashion while assisting in the continual search for ways to reduce operating expenditures.

Shield offers a broad range of industrial compliance services including:

  • NPDES Permitting, Sampling and Reporting

  • Stormwater Permitting, Sampling, and Engineering Controls

  • Development and Update of SPCC/PPC Plans

  • SARA Compliance and Reporting

  • Title V Permitting

  • Compliance Audits

  • Environmental Management Plans and Systems

  • Development of FRPs/RMPs/BMPs

  • Wastewater Treatment Services

  • Sewer System Evaluation Surveys

  • Employee Training

  • Air Quality Studies/Emissions Testing

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