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LexTran Operations and Administration Facility

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Brownfield Redevelopment of a RCRA Site

LexTran Operations and Administration Facility

Lexington, Kentucky


Transit Authority of Lexington (LexTran)


Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Designed and Conducted Targeted Site Investigation

Implemented Voluntary Remedial Action

Prepared Property Management Plan

Soil and Vapor Management Plans


GE began manufacturing incandescent light bulbs at the site in 1945. In 1995, the EPA discovered 15 SWMUs and two AOC during a RCRA Facility Assessment. Historical manufacturing processes at the site had utilized chlorinated solvents resulting in a plume of contamination in groundwater under the facility. Remedial actions were implemented by GE resulting in the closure of some SWMUs via institutional controls (land use restrictions) and engineering controls (on-site capping of waste). Insitu remediation was utilized to treat groundwater with long-term monitoring planned to verify treatment success. The location of the property was ideal for Lextran and near their aging operations center.

Value Added

Shield provided consulting services to Lextran in conjunction with Stites and Haribson which resulted in Lextran obtaining liability protection through Kentucky’s Brownfield Redevelopment Program (KRS 224.1-415). After completing an All Appropriate Phase I ESA, Shield prepared a Property Management Plan which included a voluntary targeted site investigation to evaluate site conditions in comparison to the designed construction activities. Based upon the results of the investigation, Shield implemented a voluntary soil removal activity ahead of construction activities thus removing potential worker exposure concerns and time consuming shut downs. All work was performed on time and within budget. Total consulting fees were approximately $82,000.

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