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University of Kentucky LR Cook State Superfund Site

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State Superfund Site

Former LR Cooke Automobile Dealership

Lexington, Kentucky


University of Kentucky


Comprehensive Site Assessments

Investigation and Remedial Work Plans

Corrective Action Implementation and Closure Reporting


The Former LR Cooke site is located in downtown Lexington and was utilized as an automobile dealership from the mid-1950’s until the business relocated in 1995. The property owner subsequently donated the property in an “as-is” condition to the University of Kentucky in 2001. The property contained 30 hydraulically operated floor lifts, contained various subsurface repair pits, and several petroleum tanks. Shield prepared a Site Investigation Work Plan and conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the site’s soil and groundwater conditions in 2009. Subsequently, in 2016 Shield prepared a Remedial Work Plan and conducted corrective action work to obtain regulatory closure.

Value Added

On behalf of UK, Shield worked closely with the Kentucky Division of Waste Management, State Superfund Branch to fully delineate the historical petroleum impacts at the site. The remedial activities were conducted over a 2 month period and the site received unrestricted closure within 4 months of initiating the corrective action.

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