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Underground and Aboveground Storage Tanks

Underground storage tanks (USTs) have been targeted as a major contributor to soil and groundwater contamination therefore; the United States Environmental Protection Agency has issued mandates and regulations covering the design, installation, repair, and removal of USTs.

In addition, aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) can also pose a potential risk to the environment. For this reason, they are subject to many regulations including leak detection systems, structural integrity specifications, and release prevention measures.


Shield personnel have extensive experience working with various state reimbursement funds. Over the past 16 years, Shield personnel have worked on over 3,000 UST/AST projects. Our broad base of technical and regulatory experience, combined with established relationships with regulatory agencies, allows Shield to provide comprehensive, cost-effective remedial solutions. Remedial technologies utilized at various sites include free product recovery; soil vapor extraction; pump, flush, and treat; air sparging; high vacuum; bioremediation; and monitored natural attenuation.

Shield offers a broad range of UST and AST services that are essential to tank owners and operators to avoid potential liabilities including:

    • UST/AST Removal, Upgrade, and Assessments

    • Site Characterization and Investigation

    • Corrective Action Plans

    • Remedial Design/Remedial Action

    • Regulatory Liaison and Permitting

    • Design/Permit/Construction of Spill Containment Systems

    • Industrial Tank Decommissioning/Dismantling

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