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Shield Environmental Associates, offers our clients the complete package when it comes to wastewater treatment services. Not only do we offer comprehensive design services, we also provide the construction, construction management, installation, permits, startup, and often will even provide the actual plant operation.

Industrial facilities must adopt treatment strategies that allow them to remain competitive while maintaining strong public confidence in their operation. Industries are faced with the tasks of source reduction and waste minimization as well as treatment efficiency and toxics removal. As such, many industrial treatment systems are process-specialized, requiring designers to possess an expertise and wealth of relevant experience to successfully select process components and systems.

Shield Environmental Associate’s wastewater engineers offer a high level of industrial experience, specific knowledge of current and pending regulations, and an awareness of public perception. Another distinction that sets Shield apart from the competition is the inclusion of experienced wastewater treatment plant operators. Shield personnel have over 100 years of combined experience serving industrial, and municipal clients, as well as private treatment plant owners. Our staff consists of six professional engineers and two Class IV certified treatment plant operators. Currently, Shield provides plant operation and maintenance services on 14 treatment plants in Kentucky.

Shield offers a broad range of Wastewater Treatment Plant services including:

  • Design/Construction/Operation

  • Design Drawings and Specifications

  • Pre-treatment Surveys and Administration

  • Treatability Studies for Complex Wastewaters

  • Conventional and Advanced Biological Systems

  • Plant Start-up and Operator Training

  • 201 Facilities Plans

  • Treatment Plant Performance Evaluations

  • Sewer System Evaluation Surveys

  • Regulatory Liaison and Permitting

  • Pilot Testing and Evaluation of Unit Processing

  • CSO Studies and Designs

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