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Shoppers Village Environmental Site Assessment & Brownfield Redevelopment

Shoppers Village of Richmond has been a commercial strip mall in Richmond, Kentucky since 1974. During the first decade of operation, Shoppers Village housed a historic dry-cleaning facility. Historical dry-cleaning operations such as this were notorious for the mishandling of chlorinated hydrocarbons used in the dry-cleaning process. During the environmental due diligence efforts prior to the 2019 sale of the strip mall, it was recommended that subsurface investigations in the area of the former dry-cleaners were warranted. Elevated chlorinated hydrocarbon impacts in sub-slab vapor were discovered at the location; thus, a recommendation for management/remediation of the environmental condition under the Kentucky Brownfield Redevelopment Program was followed.


Environmental Site Assessment / Brownfield Redevelopment

Shoppers Village of Richmond

Richmond, KY



Soil and Sub-Slab Vapor Investigations

Property Management Plan

Brownfield Redevelopment Approval

Value Added

Shield was able to assist in collecting and analyzing subsurface samples which led to the detection of elevated levels of chlorinated hydrocarbons in the soil vapor below the property’s surface. Once these contaminants were identified, Shield successfully led the client through the KDEP’s Brownfield Redevelopment Program, which reduced the client’s environmental liability from the historical contamination. As a required component of the Brownfield Program, the Property Management Plan included a Voluntary Remediation Plan, which affords the client a state tax credit in the amount of this site’s cost for the voluntary remediation efforts.


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