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GCH Insurance Brownfield Redevelopment

The site is located in Lexington, Kentucky and was historically utilized for automobile and transmission repair services. Shield was retained to perform a Phase I ESA at which time it was discovered that subsurface hydraulic lifts were still in the ground. Additional subsurface features were discovered including an oil/water separator and multiple drainage trenches. Shield recommended GCH enter Kentucky’s Brownfield Redevelopment Program to obtain liability protection for the discovered environmental concerns. A Property Management Plan which included a Voluntary Remedial Action Plan was developed on behalf of GCH and approved by Kentucky’s Department for Environmental Protection (KDEP).


Brownfield Redevelopment

Former Auto Tech Service Center

Lexington, Kentucky


GCH Insurance Group

Mr. John Hampton: (859) 254-1836


Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Voluntary Remedial Action

Property Management Plan

State Income Tax Credit

Value Added

On behalf of GCH, Shield implemented the Voluntary Remedial Action Plan and removed all subsurface environmental concerns. Soil confirmation testing conducted upon removal of the subsurface features and impacted soils demonstrated that the property was safe for the intended redevelopment use. GCH was issued a Letter of Concurrence from KDEP protecting them from historical liabilities associated with the historic use of the site. Based upon Shield’s work product, GCH obtained a state income tax credit in the amount of the costs to remediate the site. All work was conducted on time and significantly under the approved budget.


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