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RNR Carriage Tanker Accident

The RNR Carriage Tanker Accident was located in rural Broughton, Illinois and was the location of a tanker accident that resulted in the release of 8,500-gallons of gasoline on a cattle farm housing approximately 200 cattle at the time of the accident. Shield provided contractor oversight during the emergency response efforts in October 2015 to mitigate further contamination of the properties and prevented the release from reaching navigable waters. Shield quickly commenced remedial activities and began remediating the properties to achieve final closure of the site.


Emergency Response

RNR Carriage Tanker Accident

Broughton, Illinois



RNR Carriage, LLC


Emergency Response Contractor Management

Site Remediation Plan Implementation

Corrective Action and Closure Reporting

Value Added

Shield responded to the release to provide oversight of emergency response contractors.  Once emergency activities had ceased at the site, Shield worked closely with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) to prepare and implement a Site Remediation and Sampling Plan and coordinated remedial activities onsite.   Shield examined potential exposure routes and began sampling domestic use wells in the vicinity of the accident to ensure the safety of local water sources.  Shield’s ability to managed and facilitated all remedial activities and coordination between property owners, contractors and the IEPA, resulted in significant cost savings.


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