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Southern Wood Treatment Remediation

Shield was retained by KDWM to perform emergency remedial services on a high-profile Superfund site. An emergency was declared due to the discovery of high arsenic levels around homes that had been built on land formerly utilized to treat wood. Upon KDWM approval of the Scope, Shield retained and provided oversight of contractors retained to perform soil excavation, transportation and disposal services. All vehicles leaving the site were decontaminated prior to exiting. A total of 34,500 tons of non-hazardous waste along with 266 tons of hazardous waste were removed from the site. A new main water line and individual service lines were installed. Following soil removal, the residences were decontaminated and the yards were backfilled, seeded and re-landscaped.


Southern Wood Treatment Emergency Remediation

Long Lane, Mt. Sterling, Kentucky



Kentucky Division of Waste Management


Preparation of Work Plans and Project Scope of Work

Conducted Rapid Site Investigation

Prepared and Administered Resident Relocation Package

Conducted Soil Remediation and Disposal

Design and Installation of New Main Water Line

Particulate Air Monitoring

Design and Installed Demarcation and Protective Barriers

Residence De-contamination Cleaning

Site Restoration Activities

Value Added

Shield expedited site investigation activities and completed remedial activities within 150 days. Shield designed a cost-effective barrier protection which was installed under the residences rather than having them removed. Onsite borrow areas were utilized for soil backfilling. The project fees totaled $4,991,000, resulting in over $500,000 of savings compared to project budget.


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